Welcome Center

For a new resident the hardest part of moving can be just knowing who to call to get basic services. If you are a new resident, or plan to be, we hope this list of service providers will make your move easier. Not all of these services will apply to residents moving out of the city limits border.

Cable Television, Internet, & Phone Services

New Wave Communications

Phone: 888-863-9928
Visit the New Wave Communications website

Consolidated Communications

Phone: 800-553-9981
Visit the Consolidated Communications website

Frontier Internet

Phone: 855-668-5959
Visit the Frontier internet website

Energy Service

Ameren Illinois

Phone: 800-755-5000
Visit the Ameren Illinois website

Direct Energy

Phone: 888-925-9115
Visit the Direct Energy website

Trash Service

Stewart's Sanitation

Phone: 217-532-3706

Recycling Center

Phone: 217-532-2088

Water Service

Water service for the Hillsboro area is supplied by the City from the Hillsboro area lakes.

Apply for Service

You may apply for Water and Sewer Service from the City of Hillsboro by visiting the water office located in City Hall at:
447 South Main Street
Hillsboro, IL 62049

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


  • Water Deposit (renters only) - $150.00
  • Water Bill (vacation rate) - $10.50
  • Water transfer/on/off fee - $20.00
  • Water tap on fee - $350.00
  • Sewer tap on fee - $450.00

Rural Water Customers

Rural Water Customers should contact Christine Daniels by phone at 866-925-5566.