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Central Park

Central Park has a long history in Hillsboro.  The natural spring that flows from the hill (giving  Water Street its name) provided water for a distillery operated by early settler John Nussman just after 1800.  In 1899, the town erected a 70 foot brick water tower and water was drawn from the spring to provide water for the people of Hillsboro.  By 1903, the town’s growth had outgrown the spring’s capacity and a “puddle wall” was erected where Seward Street and its bridge are located.  The dam created a 14 foot deep, 30 acre lake when the lake was full.  After the completion of Hillsboro Lake in 1918, the lake at Central Park was drained.  In 1937, local workers, with the help from the Works Progress Administration, constructed a 60 x 120 foot concrete swimming pool.  This pool, with upgrades and improvements along the way, still serves to cool swimmers in the hot summer months.  There are also three recently resurfaced pickleball courts and basketball pad at Central Park.

Currently, a partnered fundraising effort by Imagine Hillsboro and the City of Hillsboro is working to create a recreational ball field, walking paths, and an all-inclusive playground.  Details about this effort and to find out how you can help can be found at

Reinventing Central Park – A New Third Place in the City of Hillsboro – Follow Link

Central Park Pool

Hours of Operation

7 Days a Week during the summer
11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Phone: 217-532-6314


Hillsboro Central Park Pool is staffed by Red Cross Certified Life Guards.

Daily & Season Passes

Daily Passes

  • $4 per day
  • Seniors (60+) free
  • Children (Under 4 ) free (with adult 18 or older)

Season Passes

  • Resident – $85
  • Resident family (up to 5 members) – $175 ($25 per person thereafter)
  • Non-resident individual – $100
  • Non-resident family (up to 5 members) – $205 ($30 per person thereafter)


Central Park Pool can be rented for parties. The rental periods and fees are:

  • $135 in total for two hour rental 6-8PM. $85 is paid at time of reservation and $50 is paid at the time of the event for two lifeguards.
  • An additional $25 per lifeguard for every 10 guests after 30 guests

For More Information:
Call the Hillsboro City Hall at 217-532-5566.

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