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Forms & Requirements

Federal and State Forms Needed to Get Your Business Started
The first thing to do is call the Small Business Hotline at 800-252-2923 to receive a Business Start-up Kit. Items included in the kit are essential information and forms to start a Business in Illinois.

Assumed Name Certificate

Businesses in Montgomery County are required to file an assumed name certificate with the County Clerk’s Office and have the name published in local newspapers. Forms are available from the County Clerk’s Office, located in the Montgomery County Courthouse at:
1 Couthouse Square
Hillsboro, IL 62049

For More Information
Phone: 217-532-9530

Business Corporation Application

If you plan to form a corporation through which you would conduct Business, a Business Corporation Application, Form BCA-47, must be filed by all domestic corporations with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office. An annual report is then required by March 1 for all corporations after the initial year. Mail completed applications to:
Illinois Secretary of State
Centennial Building 3rd floor – Corporations
Springfield, IL 62756

For More Information
Phone: 217-782-7880

Federal Employer Identification Number

Federal Employer Identification Number, Form SS-4, can be obtained from the IRS, located at:
3101 Constitution Drive
Springfield, IL 62704

When your SS-4 has been processed, you will receive your Employer Identification Number, your Federal Tax Deposit Slips (FTD), FTD 501 and FTD 508, and relevant information about withholding taxes.

For More Information
Phone: 800-424-3676

Illinois Certificate of Registration

Illinois Certificate of Registration registers you as a Business in the State of Illinois and requires you to collect a sales tax on retail and certain other types of activities. You may be required to post bond for the first 3 months’ estimated sales tax revenue. An application can be obtained from the Illinois Department of Revenue, located in:
Willard Ice Building
101 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, Illinois 62702

Report to Determine Liability for Unemployment Insurance

Every Illinois employer is required to file this report (Form UC1) with the Illinois Department of Employment Security, Division of Unemployment Insurance at:
1106 Airport Trail
Litchfield, IL 62056

For More Information
Phone: 800-244-5631

Contact Us

Secretary of State, Corporation Department Centennial Building
Room 328
Springfield, Illinois 62756

Phone Numbers:
Chicago Office: 312-793-3380
Springfield Office: 217-782-7880
Small Business Administration 3330 Ginger Creek Road
Suite B
Springfield, IL 62711

Phone: 217-793-5020
Fax: 217-793-5025

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