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Mission Statement
The Hillsboro Fire Department is dedicated to the saving of life and property through training and education. Our members strive to provide the highest levels of fire suppression, fire prevention, and hazard mitigation to our community in a most cost effective manner.

Who We Are
The Hillsboro Fire Department dates back to 1871. The volunteer fire department was organized in 1888 as the Hillsboro Fire Company, at a time when the city was building a water tower, a pump house, and new water mains to hydrants. These water works provided the pressure needed by the hoses on the hook and ladder wagon and the hose carts. Before that time, neighborhood bucket brigades were the only method Hillsboro had for fighting fires.

The City’s first horse-drawn fire wagon was housed on the northwest corner of Courthouse Square. Plans for a fire department engine house were approved on March 5, 1888.

The Fire Department, as presently constituted, was organized in 1931 following the disastrous St. Agnes Fire in 1930. The volunteer members of the department are from the community and from various occupations. We are your neighbors, friends, and relatives.

The Hillsboro Fire Department is comprised of 5 full-time and 35 volunteer members. They handle daily fire service requirements, man the firefighting apparatus when called upon to extinguish fires, perform extrication for accident victims, and conduct fire prevention education.

Hillsboro boasts one of the best volunteer fire departments in the state, with five full-time firefighters and 35 volunteers, all dedicated to sharpening their skills through extensive training. The City has a AA bond rating and a Class 3 fire insurance rating.

Full-Time Fire Fighters

Joe Lyerla
Fire Chief
Tim PageLead Engineer
Dustin CarlockEngineer
Austin FurnessEngineer
April PierEngineer
Nathan WolfEngineer

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