By City Hall
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March 15, 2024
Half of full payment (minus deposit) due for 2024 season


March 23, 2024
9 a.m.: Pre-season permanent Camper Move List Procedure. Pre-season Waiting List Procedure will be conducted immediately following completion of the Move Procedure. *To be held at the campground host office


June 1, 2024
Second payment due for 2024 season


October 15, 2024
Winter Storage Fee is due for campers, storage containers, and/or trailers. ALL OTHER MOWERS, TENTS, GRILLS, STORAGE CONTAINERS, BOATS, ETC. MUST BE REMOVED FROM SITE.


November 1, 2024
CAMPERS AND ALL RELATED ITEMS must be removed by anyone who has not paid winter storage for 2024/2025